What Is ShungaBliss? Science, Ecstasy, and Enlightenment for a Modern World

ShungaBliss has different roots. In one aspect, it's like Tantra, because it uses the huge energy of love and sex to take you higher in consciousness, too. But, unlike contemporary Tantric practices, it does not teach holiness or affirmations, stupid rituals or orgasm delaying breathing techniques.

The ancient Tantrikas of India, who built the temples at Khajuraho, or the gonzo Taoists of China, who performed feats of supernatural sexual energy, didn't reach esoteric heights of bliss by holding their breath or by pretending that good old fashioned sex was somehow "holy." They did it by getting in touch with their own Energy Bodies.

I learned about the Seven Energy Bodies from the most amazing enlightened misfit (and my dear friend,) Osho. I also have a degree in Molecular Biology, am a computer geek, and have an essentially rational disposition towards the world. I don't believe in crystals, people who channel their own subconscious minds, or any other mentally lightweight paths to supposed spiritual enlightenment.

Throughout history there have been authentic enlightened people. There have been shamans and mystics, metaphysical explorers, and

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